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The Burrell Collection

The greatest gift to Glasgow




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Retail Design






2023 Cultural Enterprises Design Award, Best Shop Winner

Seamlessly integrating retail at the heart of the museum experience.

We divided the shop into three distinct zones, each inspired by the principles of gifting: Giving, Sharing, and Keeping. These individual areas beautifully capture the essence of the collection itself, paying homage to Sir William Burrell’s generous gift to Glasgow and the charitable organization entrusted with its preservation.

Considered design

Embracing the importance of the architectural grid, building proportions, and material choices, our design harmoniously enhances the breath-taking vistas of the surrounding parkland. We have seamlessly integrated thoughtful retail design principles with a meticulously curated selection of products that embody the narratives behind the collection. As a result, we present visitors with an unparalleled and exclusive shopping journey, ensuring a truly immersive shopping experience.

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The Burrell Collection, William Burrell’s ‘greatest gift to Glasgow’, was an act of extraordinary philanthropy. We wanted to create a retail experience that reflects the spirit of Burrell’s generosity – a stimulating retail adventure. An experience that inspires visitors to think of another, that sparks the idea of sharing a gift and showing appreciation to a loved one.
James Dwyer
Creative Director of Lumsden
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