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A hidden gem in Covent Garden




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2021 Best Shop, ACE Awards (Association of Cultural Enterprises)
2022 Cultural Enterprises Design Award, Best Shop Winner

A new retail experience for the United Grand Lodge of England.

The United Grand Lodge of England was founded in London in 1717 and has 48 Provinces across the country and more than 7,000 Lodges. This historically sensitive upgrade is located in the heart of the Grade II-listed building in Covent Garden, which impacted on the design choices. On the one hand, it is a Savile Row-style gentleman’s fitters, on the other, it is a museum shop and a continuation of the exhibit space. It was vital to combine the needs to these two very different target consumers.

The solution was to create a new visitor experience and retail space that respects the heritage of the Freemasons but also aligns with modern thinking about the centuries-old organisation. We have created an environment that now serves a dual purpose – as the premiere retailer in the UK for Freemasons’ merchandise and as a museum visitor attraction for people from all over the world.

Lumsden has given us a design that is in keeping with our gem of a building but is also contemporary, practical, commercial and durable. We are looking to grow the visitor side of the business, and Lumsden has created a sense of openness in keeping with our modern ethos, which will enable us to do that.
Perry Bushell, Head of Trading
Freemasons’ Hall
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Testimonial Image
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