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National History Museum of Denmark

Opening 2026




Museum & Galleries


Restaurant & Bar Design

In July 2023, we were selected to design the interiors for a new building at the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, located in the Botanical Garden.

A key specification from the museum is to establish a coherent thread connecting all public spaces, including meeting and education rooms, the museum shop, ticket sales areas, cafe areas, and other visitor areas. This is a major undertaking as the central thread needs to be applied to both the newly built exhibition halls and the fine historical buildings that comprise the new museum.

We cannot wait to share more information about this remarkable project.

As a national museum, it is essential for us that everyone visiting the museum feels welcome and is inspired to explore and engage with nature. This experience should also be possible when enjoying a cup of coffee in the restaurant or buying a gift in the shop. Lumsden has presented us with a range of exciting ideas that have convinced us that they are the right choice to handle interior design so that the entire museum functions as a unified and unique experience.
Anne-Marie Hoogerwerf-Hospes
Head of Commercial Activities
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We are honoured to have the opportunity to work on this unique project in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Denmark. Our common goal is to create a cohesive museum experience where the richness of the collections, the compelling stories of the exhibitions, and the beautiful Botanical Garden seamlessly merge and reflect in the other visitor areas, with a focus on the museum’s visions and values.
James Dwyer
Creative Director
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