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Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo

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2023 Blooloop Innovation Awards
Brand Realisation (Second Place)
2023 Blooloop Innovation Awards
Themed Environment (Third Place)

Having collaborated with Warner Bros. since 2011, we wanted to raise the bar for experiential retail in a visitor attraction. Through meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail, we have crafted a spellbinding store that immerses visitors in the captivating world of Harry Potter and connects fans with their profound passion for the stories.

Mindful of resonating with the local market, the design seamlessly weaves together the magic and wonder of the Wizarding World with the time-honoured traditions and cutting-edge innovation that define Japanese retail.

Not only is the Studio Tour Shop at Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo the biggest Harry Potter shop in the world, I think it’s the very best in the world as well. It’s truly an experience in itself, offering everything a Harry Potter fan could want and more. The care and attention to detail in each themed area really make you feel like you’ve stepped into the Wizarding World.
Sarah Roots
EVP Worldwide Studio Tours & Retail, Warner Bros.
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Master planning the retail

At 13,000sq ft, Warner Bros. Studio Tokyo’s Studio shop is the largest Harry Potter store in the world. We master planned and designed the space in collaboration with Warner Bros. and Studio MinaLima, the graphic artists of the Harry Potter films, with theming, sculptures and props by makers Cod Steaks. Inside, visitors can explore 11 magical themed areas inspired by Wizarding World locations, sets and props. At the half-way point of the Studio Tour, the Railway Shop at Platform 9 ¾, also designed by Lumsden, offers everything you need before boarding the Hogwarts Express.

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Enchanted dome

Central to the main shop is a 9-metre-high enchanted dome that boasts seven gothic arches, each containing intricate imagery of iconic details from the Harry Potter films for fans to find, including the Sorting Hat, the Time Turner and the Tri-wizard cup. The dome is supported by eight 4-metre-high columns sculpted with magical creatures from the Wizarding World: Nifflers, Demiguise, Mooncalf, Zouwu and a majestic Thunderbird. Projection-mapping sees the entire structure come to life throughout the day, with events taking place over guests’ heads inspired by memorable moments from the films. Beneath the dome is an elaborate floor design featuring the four Hogwarts houses. Here, visitors and cosplayers embarking on the Studio Tour can acquire Hogwarts robes and school supplies along with fan favourite items and bestselling products.

Creating magic

The Wand Shop takes its inspiration from the original Ollivanders set and welcomes visitors to explore a vast array of wands displayed on towering shelves. To enhance the experience, an interactive table resembling Dumbledore’s Pensieve invites guests to delve deeper into the magical world by uncovering fascinating details about the characters’ wands. The centerpiece is a captivating digital window which provides an enchanting view of Diagon Alley, where projection mapped events unfold, including mischievous magical creatures causing mayhem both outside and within the shop.

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After five years of hard work, collaboration and many zoom meetings, it’s been amazing to see the Studio Tour’s enchanting restaurants, cafés and shops come to life. The spaces are the perfect mix of magical theming, storytelling and innovative technology that blend seamlessly with the iconic sets housed inside the Studio Tour. The constant collaboration between Warner Bros., Lumsden, MinaLima and Cod Steaks every step of the way has resulted in something truly magical and I couldn’t be more proud of the team.
Sarah Roots
EVP Worldwide Studio Tours & Retail, Warner Bros.
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Through our collaboration with Warner Bros. on the development of Tokyo’s brand-new Studio Tour, we had a unique opportunity to create themed restaurants and cafes that really resonate with the visitors’ Studio Tour experience. Each space has been meticulously designed to extend the themes and storytelling into the dining areas, ensuring visitors constantly feel immersed in the Wizarding World. Within these spaces, guests are surrounded by impressive scenic elements, intricately crafted props and playful branding and graphics, giving fans an extra level of authenticity and attention to detail to enjoy.
James Dwyer
Creative Director
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Hogwarts’ Great Hall

The Food Hall is inspired by Hogwarts’ iconic Great Hall. The space is designed to feel grand and imposing whilst evoking a sense of awe and magic before visitors embark on their Studio Tour. A gothic hammerbeam roof soars overhead, illuminated by hundreds of enchanted floating candles, whilst a vast hand-painted mural depicting the night sky surrounds the space. The Food Hall brand draws inspiration from the original Hogwarts shield. On either side of the central aisle, long rows of refectory tables await, with the Hogwarts house banners suspended high above, offering visitors a unique opportunity to experience dining at their very own house table for the first time.

Across the hospitality and retail areas of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo, Cod Steaks made over 5000 props, models, scenic and thematic displays utilising over 90 artists and craftspeople. For someone who has been in the industry for over 30 years this has been one of those rare, fantastic projects that has squeezed every ounce of skill, experience, innovation and passion from our team. It’s been one of the most exciting and collaborative projects I have ever had the pleasure to work on which we feel shows in our work.
Mark Pyrah
Development Director and Partner at Cod Steaks
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